You touch our hearts

letter_heartMany of you have a special place in your heart for a favorite Sister of the Divine Savior. We know because you tell us! We often receive cards and letters sharing memories about a favorite teacher, longtime co-worker, or special caregiver. Many of these cherished memories go way back, but we know they can feel like they just happened yesterday.

We love when you share a story about a Salvatorian Sister who has made a difference in your life. Each and every story is a precious gift to us.

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3 Responses to You touch our hearts

  • Wally Gartman says:

    I attended Salvatorian Seminary in St Nazianz in the early 50’s. The Sisters did all of our laundry, which I helped, and also cooked all of our meals. They were great and I am forever thankful!!

  • Patti Scanlon says:

    I meet Sister Mary Frost at St John Vianney while she was teaching Bible Study. I studied with her for several years. I grew closer to her through her compassion, her gentleness, her intelligence. She amazed us all as a Bible Scholar. But it was her soft gentle way that she would teach us, It was her absolute Trust in God that surrounded her, her soul was full of such a deep peace and true joy, these were the things she taught me most by just her example, how she lived her life, how she lived in the gospels in her daily life and by her actions. She had deeply touched my heart and even began to help me to heal up parts of me that had been wounded, by her nurturing presence in my life, her generous spirit, her ready ability to pray for me and my family to make me feel like family. She taught me to seek God first, to sit each morning for 20 minutes and just rest in Gods care to form a real relationship with Jesus, to continue to build trust and love in him, to know that he is always with me. In this silence I learned to notice and began to find God in the everyday ordinary moments. She told us so many stories many of which I wrote down so I did not forget, but she shared with me a poem ‘Gods Grandeur” by Gerard Hopkins and told me of a retreat she went on and she saw bird feather on the path, and smiled “Ah the Holy Spirit ” she noted and from the poem “Because the Holy Ghost over the bent World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.” She taught me to notice in the world the work and love of the Holy Spirit and each time I see a bird feather on my walking path, I think of her and the Holy Spirit working hard in our world. I am so grateful for her as she swooped in and changed my life. She also got me a subscription to Living with Christ and each morning in my morning prayer session, I read the daily gospel and reflect on it as I sit silently and rest in Gods care.
    Simply Trust God. always her message to me. God blessed me with Sister Mary and I am so grateful for her gentle presence in my life.

  • Mary Jo Kayser Verke says:

    S. Elaine was remembered with such fondness to me as a student at MGC. She was fun and played baseball with us. She was also such an exemplary role model.

    She led such a fantastic life with her mission work in Tanzania and many other places. I think my drawing to mission work started at MGC when we collected money for the pagan babies. At least that is what I remember. God bless all of you for your dedication to humanity.

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