Where is God?

By Sister Liz Christensen, SDS

The people cried, “God, help us!”

And God gave:

– Dedication to nurses and doctors and cleaners and lab techs and respiratory therapists

– Wisdom to researchers looking for treatments and vaccines

– Determination to police and firefighters and delivery truck drivers

– Generosity to shelter workers and to ordinary people who shared supplies

– Strength to grocery and drug store stockers and clerks and mail/package carriers

– Patience to caregivers of small children in confined spaces

– Talent to musicians who used their gifts to lift the spirits of others

– Creativity to clergy who recorded religious services for their parishioners

– Compassion to those who stayed with dying patients when their loved ones are not allowed to be present

– Problem-solving skills to those who work to keep means of communication running

And the list goes on …

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