Sisters of the Divine Savior

Sisters of the Divine Savior are also known as Salvatorian Sisters (SDS). We are the women religious branch of the International Salvatorian Family. We collaborate in mission and ministry with priests and brothers of the Society of the Divine Savior and Lay Salvatorian women and men.

The Salvatorian Sisters were founded in Tivoli, Italy in 1888 by John Baptist Jordan and Therese von Wullenweber. Our apostolic ministries in the U.S. include human anti-trafficking initiatives, social work, counseling, law, art, pastoral care, education, and healthcare. International members carry out our mission to make known the goodness and kindness of Jesus in 27 countries on five continents. Women ages 35-55 can learn more about life in community with Sisters of the Divine Savior by contacting our vocation directors.

" what you are - then comes the blessings from above." - Mother MaryAre you discerning a vocation?

Discerning God’s call to religious life is different for every woman.

It can be an all-consuming desire.
Or just a tug at the heart.
Chat with us, maybe arrange a Come & See visit.
Read about our co-founders and pray.

Meet Our co-founders

Blessed Mary of the Apostles lived from 1833 to 1907. She was the first to sing the melody of the Sisters of the Divine Savior. Today her song sings within each of us.

Blessed Mary of the Apostles and Salvatorian Founder Venerable Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan continue to be models for all of us who courageously pursue our vocation even when obstacles seem insurmountable. Blessed Mary and Father Jordan’s shared vision ignites us to continue to witness the love of the Divine Savior to others. Together, we make the love of God known through all ways and means that are inspired by the love of Christ. Learn more about our founders.

Who are Sisters of the Divine Savior?

As Sisters of the Divine Savior, we are deeply rooted in Jesus, our Savior, as we share His mission of worldwide evangelization with simplicity and trust in God.

Gifts of the Sisters

  • Shape our apostolic mission
  • Impel us to share spirituality
  • Serve the needs of the world
  • Build and foster a full life for God’s people
  • Continue the life-giving work of Jesus

Life in Community

  • Is essential to our vocation
  • Serves our worldwide congregation
  • Shapes the use of our time and talents
  • Is shared and enriched through family, friends and vulnerable people among us

Spirit of Relationship

  • Deepens our union with God
  • Strengthens community Witnesses to our living with differences
  • Trusts in God’s loving providence
  • Urges us to live in simplicity, community and justice

Discernment, one step at a time


Affi liation off ers an opportunity for us to get to know you while you get to know our religious community. Visit and correspond with us. Attend some of our Salvatorian events. Affiliation is typically six months to two years, but this step can last as long as needed.


Candidature usually spans a full year, but could be extended. As a Candidate, you would live and work with us to more fully experience life within our community, while continuing to discern your call.


During the two-year novitiate, you would have opportunities to grow in understanding of our Salvatorian life and charism, as well as our vows.
It’s also a time for you to explore your place within our Salvatorian Community.

Temporary Vowed Member

In your time as a temporary vowed member, you would engage in active ministry or study, while integrating community living with prayer life — all leading toward final profession.

Take the first step and tell us a little about yourself.