VOCARE calls forth Salvatorian spirit in DSHA Seniors

Cross_Logo_webToday, the three-year-old tradition of VOCARE kicked off for the Class of 2016 at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School in Milwaukee. As religious sponsor of the high school, our Salvatorian Sisters concluded the send-off prayer service with a special blessing. Starting next Monday, all members of the senior class will take part in a two-week initiative serving people with a variety of needs in all corners of the local community. The seniors will reflect on their service experiences and share with the entire DSHA student body later this month. VOCARE is the culmination of four years of Catholic social teaching that underlies the DSHA High School curriculum. It is designed to instill in each young woman her role to ensure the value and dignity of every human being.

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2 Responses to VOCARE calls forth Salvatorian spirit in DSHA Seniors

  • Bruce Clanton sds says:

    Best news I’ve read in the last 24 hours. Longer even for the impact on the lives of your seniors. And the church. And the pride a fellow Salvatorian feels for this wondrous field hospital work.

  • Monica Holden says:

    Vocare is an opportunity for lives to be touched and changed. It’s wonderful that students of DS Holy Angels will be experiencing this mission in their own area. Sometimes “going out into the world” begins in your own backyard.

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