The tractor is STILL on a roll

Six years ago, Sister Virginia Honish, SDS launched a grass-roots fundraising campaign to buy a tractor for Salvatorian Sisters in Tanzania in East Africa. In less than six months, “Sr. Virginia’s tractor project” raised more than $70,000. The generosity of our Sisters’ family members, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School alumnae, parish communities, and many longtime friends made it happen.

Sr. Virginia witnessed the struggles of Tanzanian villagers to feed their families when she spent summer 2010 teaching English as a Second Language to our Tanzanian Sisters.  The Sisters work closely with their people to improve farming methods for greater yields, but their worn out tractor was no longer serving the vital working-learning partnership.

Fast forward to summer 2017. Lay Salvatorians Sue Haertel and Margaret Scola went to Tanzania to resume our English Language Immersion Program for our African Sisters.  Sue brings us up to date on the tractor:

“The sisters continue to care for and use the tractor.  They even rent it out to others to use for their crops. Doing so shares the tractor and rental fees provide funds for the upkeep of the tractor.

“This year the rains came late. Our Sisters were able to use the tractor to plant the corn they needed. Those without use of the tractor did not have as big a harvest.

Sister Maxensia Danda, SDS was very proud of her harvest and will be happy to share it with the villagers who need food when the food they have runs out.”

4 Responses to The tractor is STILL on a roll

  • Ken Drake says:


  • S. Grace Mary Croft says:

    This is great news and should be satisfying to the generous folks who contributed to the tractor project.

  • Thanx, Sue, for the update! Happy to hear that the tractor is continuing to enable the Sisters and local people to harvest more for sustenance and to continuegiving all much “hope”!

  • Brother Peter SDS says:

    First I want to say thank you for sending me the newsletter, I was so happy to see the sisters taking care of their tractor for so long. Brother Benedict and I worked with agriculture so many years in the 60s and 70s and so glad to see they are carrying on. I use to Plough four or 500 acres for the people I had two tractors at Nandembo . The people of Tanzania need tractors so they can feed themselves they can’t do it by hand anymore. So glad to hear the sisters are doing well with their tractor God bless him

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