MGC Memories: Setting up for Sunday Mass

The first school and chapel.

September 1, 1936 – In its earliest years long before Mother of Good Counsel Parish and School became two separate buildings, Sunday Mass was held in a classroom. This arrangement meant desks had to be moved out to make way for pews every Friday afternoon — and vice versa on Sunday. Instead of welcoming the upcoming weekend, the sisters and students assigned to help with the task dreaded the physical labor that went along with it.

“It was no fun when on Friday it came time to put the heavy benches one on top of the other and then to carry up about eighty to a hundred heavy kneelers from the basement. ‘Good exercise’ we often said to one another through the little hole in the floor. After the High Mass we had to clean up, straighten up, and get the place ready for school the next day. That was our usual Sunday.” (taken from the Sisters’ Community Chronicles)

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