Divine Savior High School opens in Milwaukee

A four-story addition to the back of St. Mary’s Convent makes room for growth in our school and sisters’ community.

SDS Preps welcoming newcomer, Sr. Pauline Feiner (center) in 1952, include Sr. Margaret Hansknecht (third from left) and Lay Salvatorian Patricia Tennesson (far right).

SDS preps with Sr. Cecilia Van de Kamp in 1957 include Srs. Jean Schafer and Marion Etzel (fourth and fifth from right).

Prep school library at St. Mary’s

September 27, 1926 – Under the direction of Mother Hedwig Poetsch, Divine Savior High School opened on the first floor of St. Mary’s Convent with an enrollment of 20 students. It may have been a high school by name, but the students attending were not typical high schoolers. Divine Savior was established as a “prep” school for new candidates, young women who wanted to join the Sisters of the Divine Savior. As Salvatorian schools and hospitals grew in enrollment and size, Mother Hedwig wanted the prep school to ensure the highest standards for teaching and nursing practice among the Sisters. To their excitement, the prep school would eventually open enrollment to lay students, paving the way for a new all-girls high school on 100th Street.

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