Mother of Good Counsel graduates its first future Salvatorian Sister

May 31, 1930 – Sister Margaret Shekleton, SDS, Class of 1930, was the first Mother of Good Counsel alumna to enter the Sisters of the Divine Savior Community. Fifty years later, MGC student Angela Borek wrote a story about Sr. Margaret for the student newspaper On the Spot. Angela shared about the early influences in Sr. Margaret’s life that eventually led to her religious vocation.

Sr. Margaret is MGC’s First Nun

By Angela Borek, Mother of Good Counsel student, March 20, 1980

Sr. Margaret Shekleton was the first girl from Mother of Good Counsel parish to become a sister.

Sr. Margaret always had a desire to be a sister, and she thinks the influence of the sisters, particularly Sr. Bathild and Sr. Marie Estelle helped her. She said she was deeply influenced in her life by her mother, whose deep faith was a great example to her.

Sr. Margaret went to Holy Angels Academy for high school. She then graduated from Marquette University. She did graduate work at Marquette and at Catholic University of America.

She taught high school and was principal at Divine Savior High School from 1949 to 1957.

Sister taught the postulants, girls studying to become sisters, and served in the administration of her community of sisters for many years.

In 1972, she was instrumental in helping to found the Inter-faith Program for the Elderly in Milwaukee.

Presently, she is writing the history of the American Province of the Salvatorian Sisters. She also works on a Renewal Commission of her community. The commission works to set up retreats and days of recollection for the sisters.

Sr. Margaret’s book Bending in Season ©1985 chronicles the first 90 years of the USA Province.

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