Lenten Reflection

In these tentative times

By Sister Patrice Colletti, SDS In these tentative times when it seems as if all our world is waiting, wounded, or worried, it can be easy to forget- this is a time of Resurrection. Rebirth, renewal, the melting of Winter and perhaps also the melting of icy hearts Those happen, even ...Read more

Themes of Holy Week

By Sister Beverly Heitke, SDS Holy Thursday is so profound in the mystery of Jesus as Servant Leader – especially with the washing of the feet.  The segment of the Gospel relating this event is deeply moving for me. The Good Friday, ...Read more

Holy Week Reflection in a Time of Pandemic

By Sister Carol Thresher, SDS What makes a week holy?  What makes this week holy? Normally, during these days I am drawn to pray the gospel story of Jesus, open to new insights.  Jesus moves through the crowd’s acclamation on Palm Sunday, ...Read more

Navigating the uncharted waters of this season with faith

By Katie Konieczny, DSHA President and '92 Alumna Beginning on Wednesday, March 18, we transitioned our students to online learning, and our faculty and staff to working remotely. Thus, over the past couple of weeks, we have found ourselves asking questions ...Read more

The Holy Thursday Revolution

By Sister Sheila Novak, SDS Blue Bloods is one of my favorite TV shows. It is not too bloody even though crimes are committed. The “bad” person is brought to justice and the cause of the common good is served. But ...Read more

Where is God?

By Sister Liz Christensen, SDS The people cried, “God, help us!” And God gave: - Dedication to nurses and doctors and cleaners and lab techs and respiratory therapists - Wisdom to researchers looking for treatments and vaccines - Determination to police and firefighters and delivery ...Read more