Appreciation for Sisters Engenders Planned Gift

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAs a child, Marianne H. would scoot all the way to one side of her desk chair to make room for her guardian angel. Today, she fondly recalls that habit instilled in her by the Sisters of the Divine Savior who taught at Mother of Good Counsel Parish School in Milwaukee.

“I never forgot the Salvatorian Sisters even after I grew up,” Marianne says. “Then about 20 years ago, I attended an all-school MGC reunion and became reacquainted with Sister Rita Ruff, SDS, who I knew as Sister Genevieve. Soon after, a few of my classmates and I asked Sister Rita to lunch. We clicked and over time became good friends.”

After Marianne retired from her own teaching career, she says a biblical passage kept coming to mind. “What return can I make to the Lord for all he has given me?” A planned gift to the Sisters of the Divine Savior was a natural choice for Marianne. “I didn’t fully appreciate how the Salvatorian Sisters affected my life until I became an adult and had conversations with friends who had attended other schools. Many of them remember fearing the Lord, but my recollection differs. It was more a feeling of wanting to do the right thing for love of the Lord. The Salvatorian Sisters put a more positive spin on my relationship with God.”