Sr. Theresia Macha, SDS

My name is Sister Theresia. I was born the first of seven children in 1959. My parents had three sons and four daughters. I grew up in a small village.

I entered the Salvatorians in 1980. My apostolate is to work with other people to help her or him to know God and to love each other.

I make hosts for my Diocese and also I am a chief cook for the sisters.

I made the first vows in 1985 and the final vows in 1993. Then I studied at Bigwa Seminary Secondary for four years. I returned to the Salvatorians to be a good chief cooker for the sisters in Masasi.

Now I am learning how to speak English with other people and I thank God, because Sister Barbara and Sue were good teachers to teach me. Welcome in Tanzania.

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  • Bruce Clanton sds says:

    I went to the send off ceremony for Barbara and Sue and couldn’t be more proud of these great women…who had already done this in the past…and were returning to a ripe moment in grace. So happy and proud for you, Theresia.

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