Sr. Sheila embraces new ministry to women

Sr-Sheila-WebSalvatorian Sister Sheila Novak, SDS joins a new women’s ministry as executive director of Wellspring Women’s Center in Sacramento, Calif.  Sr. Sheila picks up where Sister Judy Illig, IBVM leaves off after 14 years as director.

Wellspring is a daytime drop-in center that serves more than 200 women and children daily in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood.  Its four core programs are the Nutritious Meal Program, Women’s Wellness, Children’s Corner and Safety Net Services. Wellspring extends “hospitality with dignity and love,” to provide respite and fill a variety of vital needs that range from diapers to bus passes or a hug and a cup of coffee.

Wellspring’s mission to nurture the innate goodness and self-esteem of women and their children dovetails with Sr. Sheila’s passion for the plight of women. She has dedicated more than 20 years serving among women, and feels blessed with this new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women in need.

“Wellspring is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year,” Sr. Sheila says. “It was started by two Sisters whose hearts were moved by homeless and hungry women. I embrace this new ministry as a trust passed on to me.”

Most recently, Sr. Sheila served as co-director at SDS Hope House, a transitional home for survivors of human trafficking in southern California.  Early in 2016, Sisters of the Divine Savior transferred sponsorship of Hope House to the non-profit organization, Alabaster Jar Project.

Learn more about Sr. Sheila’s new place of ministry at

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6 Responses to Sr. Sheila embraces new ministry to women

  • Audrey Runde Alt says:

    Sister Sheila,
    I am impressed, touched, and very supportive about this beautiful new ministry you have accepted and begun. Count on my belief in you and on our continued prayers to be what you need to be there.
    As always,
    Audrey Runde Alt and husband Jim

  • David says:

    Welcome to Sacramento! For some of us, the Salvatorians were an integral part of our training for work in the Sacramento Diocese. While St.PiusX has long since closed, the fruits of the labors of the Good Priests and Brothers live on!
    I have known and worked with Sr. Judy and know of her many talents and successes. I wish Sr. Sheila prayers and success in filling the Large shoes(for such a small lady) of Sr. Judy!

  • Romy Deegan says:

    Awesome story.
    An Awesome Salvatorian.
    Sr. Sheila once again…Committed to Making a Difference.

  • S. Grace Mary Croft says:

    Great For S. Sheila and for the women of Wellsprings! Thanks for sharing S. Sheila’s new ministry.

  • Barb Schroeder says:

    Sister Sheila, God Bless you in your new adventure.
    My prayers are with you.

  • Congratulations Sister Sheila on your new ministry. Your open heart and your generous spirit inspire all of us once again. We wish you every blessing and know that God will be with you every step of the way.

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