Sr. Liz: Thy Will Be Done

How often over my nearly 77 years have I prayed the “Our Father”!  I always prayed the phrase, “Thy will be done” while trying to maintain an attitude of acceptance.  (God, you know what’s best, so I accept whatever outcome you deem best in this situation.)

Recently I had a different insight.  Just what IS God’s will?  Jesus already told us what God wants:  we are to love one another.  So what we’re praying is, may we all learn to love one another.  And we need to do our part in this loving because love is multi-faceted.  It isn’t just a matter of God loving us.  We are to love as we have been loved.  It’s a pretty tall order, because it doesn’t just mean loving those people who love us, such as relatives and friends. It also includes that woman who really irritates us, that homeless guy who’s always sitting outside the grocery store with his hand out, and even our enemies (think ISIS and other hate groups).

So the next time you pray the “Our Father,” think about it: do you really mean it?

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