Sr. Liz: Simple joy in simple ministry

The Founder of the Salvatorians, Fr. Francis Jordan, wanted his followers to use “all ways and means” to make the love of God known. Back in the early ‘70s I learned of the simple joy and good feeling that comes from donating blood that I know will help several people. At the time, I was working at Divine Savior Hospital in Portage, Wis. I used to joke that my only reason for donating blood was the homemade ham salad sandwiches on fresh rye bread that were served to all donors. In 1975 I had surgery and needed a blood donation for myself. A Salvatorian Brother donated for me. My life changed around a bit and then I was back in Milwaukee. I started going regularly to the Southeast Wisconsin Blood Center and learned that platelets were also needed, so I started doing those donations. When I moved to Tucson, Ariz. in 2008 I looked for a place to donate and found the Red Cross Blood Center. I learned that if I donated blood only, I had to wait eight weeks to donate again. If I alternated donating blood and platelets I could go every five weeks, so I got myself on that schedule.

Over the years my Mom needed a transfusion once and much later, my sister needed blood when she was dealing with lung cancer. I was grateful for the people who gave of themselves to help. I am neither a preacher nor teacher, so I do what I can do for others. I’m glad that God has given me the health to do this simple ministry in my retirement years.

by Sr. Elizabeth Ann Christensen, SDS (Sr. Liz)

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