“Sisters’ Sisters”  activities foster faith and friendship

Our Queen of Apostles Chapel connects Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA) with our Province Headquarters on 100th Street in Milwaukee. But there are much stronger connections between the Salvatorian Sisters and the all-girls high school we sponsor.


Sr. Bernice Smith decorating at SSR with the Sisters’ Sisters decorations.

Perhaps the most grass-roots connection is the new student -led “Sisters’ Sisters” program, now in its second year. The first year included a craft session in which five Sisters and about 25 DSHA students fashioned Thanksgiving centerpieces for SSR, our assisted living facility located about a mile from DSHA’s campus. Sisters’ Sisters also launched impromptu Christmas caroling through the halls of our Province headquarters last December.

The origin of Sisters’ Sisters is somewhat fuzzy. DSHA junior Emma Grogan vaguely recalls it was Mrs. Catherine Lennon, associate director of Campus ministry who came up with the idea. As a Rosary Team coordinator for DSHA Campus Ministry, Emma and other students helped organize activities and spread the word last year.

“I really supported the idea of Sisters’ Sisters because I felt it would be an amazing opportunity for students to interact with the inspiring and faithful women right next door! I love seeing how kindhearted and friendly the sisters are. They laughed and joked among themselves and with the students, and I realized the sisters are people I really want to be friends with!” Emma hopes to encourage more students to take part in Sisters’ Sisters activities this year to learn from and enjoy the company of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.

While we no longer teach or administer at DSHA, our sponsorship relationship places two of our members on DSHA’s Board of Directors. During the latest capital campaign, Sr. Grace Mary Croft, sponsorship coordinator, Sr. Mary Lee Grady, vocation director served on the planning committee for the school’s new Mother of Our Savior Chapel, which was formally dedicated in fall 2016.

Salvatorian Sisters also attend school liturgies and write special blessings for student prayer services throughout the school year. Receiving special blessings from the sisters reminds the student body that the Salvatorian mission to make known our Savior’s goodness and kindness still serves as the foundation for academic and extracurricular programs at DSHA. Our annual Salvatorian Service Award program for outgoing seniors reinforces that relationship too. The award recognizes students’ extraordinary service to vulnerable people during their four years at DSHA.  We established the award in 1988 to commemorate our 1888 founding centennial.

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