Sisters served and now celebrate together

Sister Jane Barman, SDS and Sister Rita Faust, SDS celebrated milestones of religious profession, and renewed their vows as Sisters of the Divine Savior at a Jubilee Liturgy in Milwaukee on September 7.

Both Sr. Rita, professed 75 years, and Sr. Jane, professed 65 years, served a combined 43 years in the Green Bay Diocese in the tiny village of St. Nazianz, Wis., steeped in Salvatorian history. The first three Sisters of the Divine Savior arrived in St. Nazianz in 1896, and our congregation had a continuous presence there for 119 years until Sister Rita and Jane moved to Portage, Wis. last year.

Sr. Rita attended high school at Sisters of the Divine Savior convent, and earned a degree from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. After many years teaching elementary school and serving as principal in Wisconsin and Alabama, she began ministering in parish religious education, including sacramental preparation. She also worked as director of pastoral care at a nursing home in South Dakota in the 1980s, and coordinated care for elder Salvatorian Sisters upon returning to Milwaukee in 1991. Sr. Rita moved to St. Nazianz in 1997 after retiring from full-time ministry. There, she volunteered with Meals on Wheels and at St. Gregory Church and parish school.

Sr. Jane began her high school education upon entering the convent, after being taught by Salvatorian Sisters at St. Joseph School in East Bristol, Wis. She earned a degree from Milwaukee’s Mount Mary College and served 38 years in education. Her longest teaching assignment was 22 years at Holy Name School in Wausau, Wis.  She cherishes her 24 years living and serving in the tight-knit village of St. Nazianz. There, she drove 38 miles each week for Meals on Wheels, and tutored kindergarten through second graders at St. Gregory School.  She says teaching little one to tie their shoes and recite the alphabet kept her young.

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  • Gloriann Ehrman says:

    How wonderful to see both of you! And how wonderful for your anniversaries! Congratulations! Gloriann

  • Jeanette McArthur, Lay Salvatorian says:

    Congratulations, Sr. Rita and Sr. Jane, for your years of service to God’s little ones! And to your dedication to the mission of Fr.Francis Jordan and Mother Mary. Blessings & Love, Jeanette McArthur

  • Evelyn says:

    God bless you Sisters. I am a woman who’s belief in humanity stems from my knowledge of the savior. I ask you in all humbleness and respect to please send me information on how I can help end this atrocious plague of human trafficing. I can only offer my time and life experiences but,I assure you my heart is full of hope. I would be honored to join this fight against evil. Please send me contact information.

  • Sisters of the Divine Savior says:

    Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you so much for expressing your passion to help victims of human trafficking. If you are interested, please sign up to receive the free monthly e-newsletter, ‘Stop Trafficking’. You may sign up at: You will need to confirm having your email address on the list serv by clicking the link that will come from the mail server used to post this newsletter. Then each month you will get a notice when a new issue is posted for you to download, read, share and take actions.
    Another suggestion is to check via the Internet for organizations in your own local area that work against human trafficking. Many accept volunteer help in various ways: advocacy for survivors, education of the public, actions to promote legislation, etc.
    S. Jean Schafer

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