Sister Janice Hartman

Sister Janice Hartmann, SDS began her Salvatorian journey in 2008, and is grateful the door opened for her to enter the Sisters of the Divine Savior later in life. She also feels grateful to walk the path of the first Salvatorian Sisters who came to America to provide home care to elders more than 120 years ago,

She says, “It took an invitation from Archbishop Katzer to Fr. Jordan and Mother Mary to lead the way. Today, it’s a privilege for me to care for people who make St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus in Milwaukee their home. Taking care of them where they live, I do feel I carry on the legacy.”

Sr. Janice ministers at St. Anne’s as a certified nursing assistant and resident care assistant.  She takes every opportunity to talk to people when they ask about her life as a sister. She’s had encounters at rest stops, in airports, as well as at St. Anne’s. “I talk to people, including my co-workers about my life as a Salvatorian Sister. Sometimes, people ask me, ‘Why do you look so happy?’ ”

Sr. Janice with Sr. Darlene Pienschke, SDS who formally ministered at St. Anne’s

Sr. Janice says, “I’m happy Fr. Jordan and Mother Mary had this vision to make our Savior known through all ways and means. That says it all. You use the gifts you’ve been given.”

Sr. Janice is also happy to know that sisters never really retire. She says with a smile, “I’ll continue with this ministry as long as I’m able, and then, who knows what God will have in store for me.“

How has life as a Salvatorian Sister impacted her ministry to residents in assisted living and patients in the skilled care units at St. Anne’s?  Sr. Janice answers simply, “It has given me more compassion. God is using me to show His love for people in need.”