Savor the taste, cherish the memory

Sr. Diane (right) baking cookies with Sr. Clarice Steinfeldt.

Salvatorian Sister Diane Goetzinger was one of our go-to bakers for all things sweet. She loved baking cookies and sharing them with others. Sr. Diane passed away on October 8 this year.  In her memory, we’re sharing her recipe for Peanut Blossoms on this National Cookie Day.

Believe it or not, 2017 marks 30 years since a guy named Matt came up with the idea of National Cookie Day.  The website also reveals that Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has been a champion of the somewhat kooky observance from day one. If it’s good enough for Cookie Monster, it’s good enough for us!

Sister Diane’s favorite cookies to make were Peanut Blossoms. You can find this award winning recipe here.

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