My Soul MAGNIFIES the Lord! – Profession Reflection

Soul work allows our lives to truly “magnify” God to those around us. We become lenses that bring God’s hope for the world into focus. Like a magnifying glass on a page, God’s Word will jump out in clear witness in our lives as apostles. Like a telescope, we will bring the sometimes distant Reign of God into sharp relief.

Our mission as Salvatorians is none other than this. Let our lives MAGNIFY the saving God. Let our actions bring God closer to the people we serve. Let us truly make God known and loved wherever we are.

In this way, the upside-down world described in Mary’s song will come into sharper focus through our lives. Mountains of Mercy will dominate the landscape. Power will generate light and hope, not death and despair. Pride will deflate like an empty balloon. The hungry of our world will be filled and satisfied.

Reflection Excerpt from Sister Carol Thresher, SDS