Prayer for Peace

For our world
For our families and friends
For our collaborators and our mission and ministries
For our own peaceful hearts
For our personal intentions

Lord, Your vision of peace is broad and powerful and yet it is gentle and personal. I long to live in that peace. Fill my heart, my mind, my whole bring with Your gift of lasting peace. Calm all my inner fears with Your mercy and healing love. Help me to quiet myself each day, that I may soak in the peace of Your words. Let me feel You always at my side as I face the challenges of each day.

Teach me to be courageous and gentle in proclaiming the message of Your love. I thank you, Lord, for I know that You will stay by my side as I surrender more and more of my life into Your hands.

I thank you for seeing so much good in me. I thank you that You have never forgotten me or left me alone. Thank you for giving yourself so totally that I might know real peace.