May Your Kin-dom Come: Prayer for our World

O God, by Your breath, You are the one Source of Life for all people.
Hallowed be Your Name.
Bind us into one circle of love for our wounded world.
Transform us into persons of light:
To brighten the darkness,
To be balm for the fearful,
To stand with the broken-hearted,
To break down boundaries into one geography: the Earth,
To be Your hallowed presence in our world.
May Your Kin-dom come

O Jesus, bearer of our salvation, You love us and are with us.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Feed our wounded hearts with Your healing compassion:
Nurturing our grief and vulnerability by Your faithful presence,
Allowing our tears to soften our hearts,
Stirring in us the call to conversion,
Deepening our hunger for peace, justice and freedom for all persons,
Sending us to embrace the children, the poor and the vulnerable of our world.
Fill us with gratitude for the treasures and joys that really matter.
May Your Kin-dom come

O Spirit of God, living in our hearts, give us Wisdom.
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us to silent places of prayer and wisdom within,
To understand that our hope and right for life, is everyone’s hope and right for life,
To see that what brings peace is not vengeance, but forgiveness,
To long for the healing of all that is unforgiven, hateful, and hard,
To become a haven of peace.
Mold us into a people whose love is stronger than any terror,
Where all are kin: brother and sister.
May Your Kin-dom come.

O God, wrap your arms around us and our world.
Deliver us from evil.
You are our strength, our rock, our security.
Give us courage to trust Your vision and call.
Hold us together in peace and send us to each other in love
May Your Kin-dom come
For the power and the glory are Yours both now and forever.

Sister Pat Kieler, SDS