Jesus, Giver of All Good Things

Jesus, giver of all good things
we stand with confidence
bearing Your promise in our lives
as we ask for gifts to help us on our way.

For the gift of vision
to see the things we sometimes miss
because our earth-eyes are so limited…
Give us Your vision.

For the gift of servant hood
to empty ourselves as You did
to be willing to bend low
to wash feet, to heal wounds…
Give us Your Spirit of being Servant.

For the gift of poverty
to let go of those things that clutter our vision of You
to rid our lives of all that doesn’t matter…
Give us Your spirit of poverty.

For the gift of hope
to stand on tiptoe with all of creation
to wait believingly for rebirth, for growth, for completion…
Give us Your Hope

For the gift of reverence
to be gentle with the mystery of each other’s uniqueness
to stand on holy ground and acknowledge the value of all creation…
Give us Your reverence.

we pray for the grace to recognize Your gifts
When they are given, to own them
to claim them, to acknowledge them as ours to give away…
Give us Your own power of recognition.