To Give My Life – Adapted from Fr. Jordan’s Spiritual Diary

Father, help me to give my life
to You and to my brothers and sisters
who have been rescued at such great cost.

Loving Father, how many find themselves
in the shadow of death never having known You!
Save them with your parenting love!
Everything is possible for You!

O Lord, O Father, O God and Creator,
could it be that those who wander
in the terrible darkness of the world’s paganism
will never recognize Your love and mercy?

My Creator, Savior God
my soul is thirsting for Your glory
and for the people of the world.
Strengthen Your humble servant
so that I may struggle for You,
faithful unto death.

Lord Jesus Christ, Loving Savior
accept me as Your instrument and do with me as You wish.
With Your grace, I am ready to give my life for You.