For a New School Year

Loving God,
as we begin this new school year,
we ask your blessing on the mission of our school.
Bestow Your grace on our strivings
toward that mission.
Motivate all students to seek wisdom
through conversing, writing and ethical thinking,
through inspiration and exploration.

Inspire our teachers with effective ways
to touch the minds of young women and men
with insights into the beauty of the universe.

Help our administration and staff
to foster learning, research, faith and justice.

Watch over our alumni and friends
give success to our scholastic competitions
and athletic teams;
grant us good health and good humor.
in our neighborhoods and in our country,
help all people to live in justice and peace,
and to find meaningful employment, so they may care for their families.

Most of all, help each of us to grow
in love and understanding
of your Son and our Brother, who is our way
to You, our Creator.


Adapted from Divine Savior Holy Angels High School Prayer Book, p. 7