A Beatitudes Prayer for Earth Day

Blessed are they who reverence all created things as sacred. May we as leaders tend the sacred in our own lives, and reverence all creation as sheer gifts of God.

Blessed are they who understand that creation is a tapestry, every strand dependant on each. Teach us the mystery of our Earth’s interdependence, a mirror of how we must live as people of peace.

Blessed are they who do not waste earth’s resources, for they are for all. Bless all who are committed to preserving the preciousness of mother earth, given by God as gift.

Blessed are they who reverence the air, the breath of God and spirit of our human life. Be for all your people, O God, their life-giving and sustaining spirit.

Blessed are they who reverence the waters that sustain the climate and nourish dwellers. Let us wisely use and share our precious gift so that nobody will ever die of thirst.

Blessed are they who reverence the soil that supports our footsteps and yields harvests. May we do all that we can to preserve our soil for generations to come.

Blessed are they who reduce what they consume, reuse what they can, and recycle what they can no longer use.  May all on our fragile planet walk gently on our earth, in right relationship.

Adapted from Fr. Ed Eschweiler
Beatitudes for Stewards of the Earth