Moving toward a positive partnership

Go forward courageously and faithfully on the path Providence shows.

-Co-founder Father Francis Jordan

Father Jordan’s words have guided us for many months leading to the decision that was announced in July. Sisters of the Divine Savior have signed a letter of intent for Divine Savior Healthcare (DSH) in Portage, Wis. to affiliate with Aspirus health system based in Wausau, Wis. Once the affiliation is final, DSH would be a wholly-owned, fully-integrated part of the Aspirus system.

Provincial Leader Sister Beverly Heitke shares the “why” behind this transfer of sponsorship. “Faced with the growing complexity of health care, we made this decision to secure the future of DSH and continue its excellence in serving the people of Portage. Aspirus is a strong, community-directed health care system that understands the needs of communities like Portage. Aspirus also values our 102-year legacy of service there. And, its track record for collaboration and community engagement aligns closely with our core values that are the foundation of DSH.”

In the coming months, DSH and Aspirus are working closely with intent to finalize affiliation before January 1, 2020.

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  • Donna Shea McElwee says:

    I feel this will be a wise and successful affiliation. You are in my prayers. God will bless your “wonderful legacy of service “in Portage. Sincerely, Donna Shea McElwee

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