Heartfelt letters return kindness to Salvatorian Sisters

Larry & Linda HoukLinda and Larry H. live less than 30 miles from our Provincial headquarters in Milwaukee, but their kindness toward the Sisters of the Divine Savior comes via U.S. mail. Larry’s handwritten letters are as much a gift as their faithful support of our mission for the last 23 years.  A blend of humor, sadness, joy, and the minutiae of daily life, Larry’s letters show a deep trust and genuine affection for the Salvatorian Sisters that has grown over time. It began when he settled his mother Ruth’s estate after she passed away.  They made a donation to honor Ruth’s longtime support of our Sisters and were touched by the letter they received in return.

Now, when Larry claims victory in Sheepshead, he joyfully shares his winnings with the Sisters. And when the going gets rough—be it with loved ones or health issues—he asks for his family’s needs to be remembered in our Apostolate of Prayer Ministry.  Larry says, “The Lord will never ask me how much I’ve won, but He will ask how much I’ve given.” Linda adds, “We know the Lord is watching over us. Sharing with the Sisters is our way to give thanks.”  Time and again, the couple says, their gifts to the Salvatorian Sisters come back in blessings.