You encircle our world in hope

How can your whispered prayer or heartfelt gift transform a fragile life?

By opening your heart to embrace our mission, you help us bring goodness and kindness to fragile lives that cry out for hope.

Education for children to reach their greatest potential
Pastoral care to comfort a homebound elder
Skills training to help a mother support her family

Your prayers and gifts multiplied by hundreds of generous friends who walk beside us encircle our hurting world in hope. We ask you to stay by our side with your ongoing prayers and gifts. In the same spirit of trust, we’ll continue to hold your needs in our prayerful hearts.

To break through the curtain of poverty

Salvatorian School in the DR of Congo
Philippines Preschool

Nurturing children in mind, body and heart

To restore dignity

Shelter project in Sri Lanka
Anti-human trafficking
Pastoral caregiving

“Having seen the joy in the eyes of the ‘roofless people,’ we feel encouraged to continue our commitment to the Salvatorian Shelter Project.”
— Sister Dulcie Fernando, SDS
Sri Lanka

To break through the curtain of poverty

To awaken the world

Vocation discernment process
Salvatorian formation programs

“I’m grateful this door opened for me. Christ is using me to show His love for people in need.”
— Sister Janice Hartman, SDS
Professed Perpetual Vows, 2017

Affirming vowed religious life as a viable choice

To honor lives of service

Sisters Retirement Fund
Salvatorian Sisters Residence upgrades

“I loved my teaching years at DS and DSHA. As sisters, we were a great part of the lives of the students. They were an inspiration to me and bolstered my faith life.”
— Sister Margaret Bosch, SDS
72 years professed

Extending a loving hand to our sisters who depend on us for their care

To open doors in Africa

Tanzanian Professional Education Initiative
Leadership training in Mozambique
Bus for Upanga Nursery & Daycare Center in Dar es Salaam

Changing lives thousands of miles away

To stand with people on society’s margins

Sathirthya Special School in India
Salvatorian Home for Girls in Sri Lanka
Orphanage in Colombia

Renewing joy for life