Finding grace amid the pandemic

Our COVID-19 Response

Our Salvatorian Sisters community remains vigilant in both prayers and precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19. We pray for ALL those who are doing their best to lead us, our heroic medical and health care workers, and everyone who suffers from physical illness or anxiety in this uncertain time.

Thus far, our precautions to protect our most vulnerable sisters and their caregivers are working. Our sisters and lay staff are following CDC guidelines and through it all, we’re doing our very best to support one another mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of the greatest sources of support during these past few months has been our friends and donors. Inquiries about our welfare and promises of prayers for us are where we find grace from one day to the next.

We also feel especially blessed by the gifts we continue to receive to support our mission here and around the world. Concerns for personal health, safety and financial security have not overshadowed the face of Christ in God’s neediest people. We know each gesture of generosity comes from a place of deep love and trust, and we are so very grateful.

Finally, amid this crisis that impacts us all, we share a prayer from our International Leadership Team, or Generalate, in Rome:

God of Salvation,
We turn to you with a prayer for protection and healing
as the coronavirus is spreading.
Help those who are sick.
Grant patience to those who live in quarantine.
Give strength to all who take care of others.
Inspire scientists in their research.
Strengthen between us the sense of togetherness.
Let no one feel abandoned,
make everyone feel safe together and with You,
because You are compassion.
Through the intercession of Blessed Mary of the Apostles
and Father Francis Jordan,
we thank you, present and faithful God,
You who live and love for ever and ever.

Blessings in the Divine Savior,

Sister Beverly Heitke, SDS
Provincial Leader


7 Responses to Finding grace amid the pandemic

  • David Briere says:

    Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and prayers. My mother and I recited a little prayer taken from the green scapular we both have worn and has been a source of refuge and faith for most of my life. “Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death amen”.

  • Nadine says:

    I say the above prayer daily since it arrived at my home when the pandemic began

  • Donna McElwee says:

    The love in your community will overcome this virus. Your prayers are and will continue to be heard.

  • Anna Kaurich says:

    Dear Salvation Sisters, That prayer just blessed my SOUL after feeling confused in the new openings in our state of Wisconsin. I needed to hear this today more than ever before. I have been isolated @ home for over 2 months!! My family brings most of my groceries. I do some drive thrus. To hear from Sr. Beverly was much needed for all of us. LOVE through OUR DIVINE SAVIOR, JESUS Anna Kaurich, SDS

  • Donna McElwee says:

    The love in your community will overcome this virus. Your prayers are and will continue to be heard. Thank you. Donna

  • Jacqueline Beaudry says:

    Thank you for your messages of hope. I continue to pray that we all remain well. That I can continue to add my efforts to the work you continue to do.


  • Dear Friend Jackie,
    I think of you lots, out in the country(unless you’ve moved awhile ago) and the Advancement off ice said you contacted, but I didn’t get your email. Say a prayer for my hip replacement surgery early June and the relief it brings me. We’ll have to talk afterwards, but know my love, Karlyn

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