I was once asked, “ What is the best part about your life as a religious sister, and what is the hardest part?”  My answer was the same…community.

Community is wonderful! It provides a sense of welcome, “at-homeness” and acceptance of each other. It offers a setting where I live with other women of various backgrounds, ages and likes and dislikes, who all believe in the same core values that I hold dear. We share the same essential  goal of growing closer to God in prayer and ministry each day. We all have different ministries,  enjoy different activities and are held closely together by prayer and our love of God and one other. We share lots of laughs, good times and hard times together. There is a strong support system  in good times and hard times.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it.  The flip side of “perfect” is “imperfect.”  And so, we are a group of women with our imperfections, foibles and unique personalities as well; all living under the same roof. This is the hard part of community…to accept each other as we are and yet to challenge one other to become the women God wants us to become.

I wouldn’t want it any different. The smiles and joy you see on our faces in this picture are the real testament to joy in community living as a Sister of the Divine Savior.

Sr. Mary Lee Grady, SDS