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A reflection for International Day of Peace

If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, there must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace ...Read more

Celebrating 125 Years: 1895-2020

Passion for Mission in the United States

When our Salvatorian Sisters first stepped foot in Milwaukee on July 4, 1895, fireworks and revelry in the streets combined for the makings of a celebration. But our three pioneer sisters weren’t feeling celebratory. ...Read more

Sr. Magda reflects on her time in the U.S.

Sister Magdalena Kumorek, SDSSister Magdalena Kumorek, SDS visited from Poland over summer 2019. She traveled to Catholic parishes around the U.S., sharing about our international missions at weekend Masses. Dear Sisters, I would like ...Read more

Moving toward a positive partnership

Go forward courageously and faithfully on the path Providence shows. -Co-founder Father Francis Jordan
Father Jordan’s words have guided us for many months leading to the decision that was announced in July. Sisters ...Read more

Lynn Vogt retires with the Salvatorian spirit

After 21 years, Lynn Vogt retires as chief executive officer for St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus in Milwaukee. As religious sponsor of St. Anne’s, we share Lynn’s reflection on her years of service: “I know I have been doubly blessed because I ...Read more

Sister Magda: She gives hope and joy to others

Sister Magdalena Kumorek, SDS is visiting from Poland to speak about our international missions at weekend Masses across the U.S. We’re grateful to the Salvatorian Polish Province for sharing Sr. Magdalena with us this summer, and to Diocesan Mission Offices ...Read more

Pentecost: the first Mission Sunday

Pentecost, the 50th – and final – day of the Easter Season paints a picture of the future Church. The apostles, the first bishops, gathered with the Mother of God and received an anointing of fire from the Holy Spirit. ...Read more

Salvatorian Sisters raise hope for women in Pakistan

Salvatorian Sisters with women in Pakistan

Nearly 90 percent of Pakistan’s 2.5 million Christians live in an area known as Youhannabad. Adults work as day laborers and street cleaners, in factories and brick kilns, or in Muslim households. They earn about 200 rupees–less than $3–a day. ...Read more

Philippines shaken by quakes

Dig deep in your heart for more prayers. Sister Beverly shares a message from Salvatorian Sister Alona in Philippines, site of multiple earthquakes on Tuesday, April 23. Dear Sr. Beverly, Good Morning! We are all safe.  Last Monday there was an earthquake in Luzon including Manila, last ...Read more

From a Lay Salvatorian in Sri Lanka

Earlier this week we told you that all of our Salvatorian Sisters in Sri Lanka were safe after Easter Sunday's attacks and that we were praying for family members who had lost their lives. Today we have an update from ...Read more

Book talks open our eyes to white privilege

We called our 2019 National Catholic Sisters Week project, “Turning the page on conversations about race,” and hoped we could do so in some small way. We’re grateful to the women and men from around metro Milwaukee who gathered with ...Read more

Turning the page on conversation about race

Sisters of the Divine Savior hosted book discussions at our Milwaukee Community House to celebrate 2019 National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14. People from the local community who registered for the events received a free copy of Debby Irving’s 2014 ...Read more

Our relatives need our prayers

On the Lake Traverse Reservation in northeastern South Dakota, blizzards have finally stopped. Now, snow-melt and rains have left many tribal members homeless in an area known as “Peever Flats” about 10 ...Read more

Sisters in the path of Cyclone Idai

Dear Sisters, Here is a short news about our sisters in Mozambique after the country was hit by cyclone Idai. S. Maria Yaneth was able to communicate with our sisters in Mozambique. All our Sisters are well, thanks to God. In Beira, is ...Read more

“The day so long awaited has arrived!”

With a blessing and prayers of thanks, our Salvatorian Sisters in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil celebrated the grand opening of the new pool at their CEFORDS community center on February 23. Your financial gifts going back to 2013 helped make the ...Read more

What is National Catholic Sisters Week?

  • National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) is an annual celebration of Catholic sisters’ vital contributions to society, both past and present.
  • NCSW kicks off on International Women’s Day, March 8 and runs through March 14.
  • Molly Murphy MacGregor, who was
...Read more

Sr. Marion returns from Rome

Last September when the Milwaukee Brewers were chasing the National League Baseball Championship, Salvatorian Sister Marion Etzel told us she couldn’t listen to the games in real time in Rome.  She tried her best to keep tabs on the home ...Read more

We remember Sister Rachel Wallace, SDS

Funeral services for Sister Rachel Wallace, SDS will take place Wednesday, January 23 at St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus Chapel, 3800 North 92nd Street in Milwaukee:

  • Visitation 12:15 p.m.
  • Remembering service 12:45 p.m.
  • Mass
...Read more

Sister Georgene still shares Dr. King’s dream

Salvatorian Sisters who were missioned near Washington D.C. in 1963 joined thousands of people at the Capitol grounds where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke, “I have a dream.” Sister Georgene Faust, SDS was among them. She took a train to ...Read more

Come as you are to Advent Vespers

One half hour. That’s all it takes to find peace in this holy season of Advent amid the rush to all things Christmas. Join us on Wednesday, December 5 at 7:00 p.m. to pray with members of our Salvatorian Family. ...Read more

We remember Sister Carol Marie

For many years, Salvatorian Sister Carol Marie Haag (formerly Mary Carla) was a business teacher at schools in Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Maryland. When asked what inspired her to choose the field, ...Read more

2018 Woman of Faith Award Presentation Video

Thanks to all who gathered with us at our Community House on September 27, 2018 to honor Michelle “Shelly” Runte as our 2018 Woman of Faith. If you weren’t among our 100+ guests, click here to be inspired by Shelly’s faith ...Read more

Celebrate with artist Sister Karlyn Cauley, SDS

Opening Reception: Watercolor Women Series Please join us at Alverno College Saturday, October 6, 2018 Reception from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Alverno College Founders Hall - 3rd fl oor 3400 S. 43rd Street, Milwaukee Please park in lot E, Corner of 39th St. ...Read more

We call her Blessed

After growing up in Germany, Therese von Wüllenweber joined Father Jordan’s Apostolic Teaching Society in Rome on September 5, 1882. Together they co-founded the Sisters of the Divine Savior and she became the Community’s Mother and guide. In 1894, Mother ...Read more

SOROPTLINE: Letter to the Editor

While living in Vista, Calif., Sisters Shelia Novak and Jean Schafer often collaborated with local Soroptimists. Members of this global organization advocate for women and girls through education and empowerment. Local clubs support global Dream Programs ...Read more

Do pets have a higher purpose?

by Kaitlin Seebruch Mission Advancement Intern People are often quick to label themselves as either a “dog person” or “cat person.” Salvatorian Sisters Virginia Honish and Liz Christensen fit the labels, but not the stereotypes. Sr. Liz is not a crazy cat lady ...Read more

“Knowing her call is only from God”

Salvatorian Sister Yasinta Godfrey, SDS recalls her father’s words when she professed first vows in her east Africa homeland of Tanzania. “Now I am free to let her go, knowing her call is only from God.” Years earlier, when Sr. Yasinta spoke ...Read more

2018 Joyful Jubilee

  Photos from the Salvatorian Jubilee Celebration, June 23, 2018

God bless America!

One-hundred nineteen years after our nation’s independence, the first Salvatorian Sisters arrived in Milwaukee, Wis. Three, Sisters Raphaela, Walburga and Agnes were missioned from Rome to provide in-home nursing care to Milwaukee residents. Sister Raphaela documented their experience with the ...Read more

Sister Mary Ruth Dittman, SDS

Sister Mary Ruth Dittman, SDS died on June 18, professed 69 years. We’ll celebrate her life on Monday, June 25 at St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus, 3800 N. 92nd St., Milwaukee. Visitation at ...Read more

Sister Frances Marie Lendle, SDS

We celebrated the life of Sister Frances Marie Lendle last Friday at St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus. She was buried Saturday morning at Milwaukee’s Holy Cross Cemetery. Sr. Fran passed away on June ...Read more

Icon, she wrote

Creativity has always been a part of Salvatorian Sister Francine Kosednar’s life even during her many years as an occupational therapist. Now, her latest creative pursuit has led to a copy of her first icon adorning the cover of the ...Read more

English language immersion keeps opening doors in Africa

  For the tenth consecutive year, we’re offering classes in English as a second language (ESL) to our Salvatorian Sisters in Africa. Local sisters in Tanzania as well as some traveling from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique will take ...Read more

We share our mission story

In Catholic dioceses across the U.S., the summer Mission Co-op Program offers the Sisters of the Divine Savior the privilege to speak to Catholic parish communities on behalf of our international missions. This summer, 11 of our sisters from the ...Read more

Annual service award lifts up Salvatorian values

“When you act on behalf of something greater than yourself, you begin to feel it acting through you with a power that is greater than your own.” Grace and the Great Turning by Joanna Macy
  Launching the Salvatorian Service Award in ...Read more