Salvatorian Sentiments

Sr. Theresia Macha, SDS

My name is Sister Theresia. I was born the first of seven children in 1959. My parents had three sons and four daughters. I grew up in a small village. I entered the Salvatorians in 1980. My apostolate is to work ...Read more

Folk Artist: Funeral of a Sister

I want to speak about the final Vocation Call of the Sisters whom I have known. Together we walk one another home to heaven. We do this in the funeral Mass as we celebrate the deceased Sister’s life. When one of ...Read more

Sr. Astrid Kateni, SDS

My name is Astrid Kateni. I was born on December 14, 1971 in Kolwezi. Kolwezi is a city in Katanga province in the Republic Democratique of Congo. I’m the fourth child in my family. My father’s name was a Tabu Kalala ...Read more

Sr. Georgene: Be Together…But NOT the Same

Arizona is not known for having a great educational system. I believe it is ranked 41st in the U.S. One reason is that the state absorbs a high percentage of immigrants. Instructors on all levels are challenged to improve the ...Read more

Sr. Bonita Victory Nnamba, SDS

My name is Sister Bonita Victory Nnamba, SDS. I was born June 30, in 1981 at Ocean Road Hospital in Dar es Salaam. SBonita2 My Father’s name was Victory Nnamba and my mother’s ...Read more

Folk Artist: Will of God

Some of the hardest words in the spiritual life began with five words, “The will of God is…” I used to resent those words and the feelings that it restricted my life. God’s will sounded strict, hard, unmovable and joyless ...Read more

Sr. Angelina Tlehema, SDS

My name is Sr. Angelina Tlehema. I am second born in our family and I have two brothers and four sisters. My tribe is Iraq. I was born in Manyara Region, Tanzania on 25 October, 1966. I was a good child, ...Read more

Sr. Liz: Becoming Salvatorian

I can’t speak for others, but my experience in becoming Salvatorian is both simple and amazing – at least to me!. Back when I was a senior in high school and first got the notion of entering the convent I ...Read more

Meet Sr. Justina B. Milanzi, SDS

I was born on August 5, 1981 in the village of Ndanda-Masasi in the Mtwara Region. My grandparents and my parents were also born in this region. In my family, we have 9 children. I have two brothers and six sisters, ...Read more

Folk Artist: Sr. Rachel’s story

Two threads have been woven together in several letters Sr. Rachel Wallace, SDS received over 60 years ago from her mother at the time she considered life as a sister. The threads can be named The Heart of a Mother, ...Read more

Sr. Liz: Simple joy in simple ministry

The Founder of the Salvatorians, Fr. Francis Jordan, wanted his followers to use “all ways and means” to make the love of God known. Back in the early ‘70s I learned of the simple joy and good feeling that comes ...Read more

Folk Artist: On Trees, in Verse

  It seems to me a Tree breathes. Its branches, its leaves move with breezes to lift Its weight in great green currents of motion. Then as if giving a momentary content sigh, the tree shifts again into place. Later a few leaves flicker and in ...Read more

Sr. Jane: A Grateful Look Back

One of the main things I like about getting older is that there are more memories to call on.  In June, I will complete 12 years with the Jordan Ministry Team, and before moving on to another form of service, ...Read more

Sr. Liz: Infinity

Whoever said you live only once was probably not counting on heaven!


Born on June 25, 1938 to Life, Version 1.0 A few glitches over the years. Currently at Life, Version 1.7.6 In June, an upgrade to Life, Version 1.7.7 At some unknown future point, a system failure a blank screen, a ...Read more

Jenada’s Jewels: Joy in ministry

As I ponder the many years of ministry as a Sister of the Divine Savior, an abundance of blessings is realized. Serving as a Teacher, Vocation Minister, Director of Religious Education and now as Pastoral Care Minister, have been  life ...Read more

Sr. Mary: Am I Retired??

“I know nothing of tomorrow, except the love of God will rise before the sun, the love of God will rise before the sun.”  This particular song and theme is characteristic of my life. Presently I am retired, which means that ...Read more

Folk Artist: Holy Days of Easter

As a Catholic child, I knew Good Friday meant keeping silence from 12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M. My mom said that Jesus needed the quiet time. I knew we kids got ‘quiet time’ when we were naughty and I wondered ...Read more

Sr. Liz: Who’d Become A Nun!!!

I’ve never written a blog before and wonder what women would want to read – specifically women who are considering whether they might have a vocation to the religious life and wonder what it is all about.  I wonder myself ...Read more

Folk Artist: Affection Among Sisters

Before I came to the convent I did not know how Sisters showed affection to one another. I saw Sisters happy, joyful and friendly, but I wondered about affection and friendship in the community. As a folk artist I read ...Read more

Sr. Georgene: Justice is a Social MUST

As a Sister of the Divine Savior, I walk many paths and interact WITH and WITH IN many communities.  I have touched and been touched by many people of different ages and cultures. When I arrived in Phoenix, AZ, I was ...Read more

Sr. Beverly & Sr. Grace Mary: Charism in action

Sponsorship is a ministry The USA Province of the Sisters of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) sponsors four institutions in Wisconsin.  One, Divine Savior Healthcare in Portage, offers emergency and urgent care services, a birthing center, inpatient and outpatient services, intensive care, ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: New Priests: Ordination July 3

Posting this now that we have internet access! (We're home!!) Seven new SDS priests!  In kurasini, Dar es Salaam, over 30 priests, 2 bishops, many sisters, hundreds of parishioners, family and friends. A joyous occasion. Sent from my iPhone

SDS Visit Tanzania: Amsterdam

After many good-byes and "see you next years" we left Dar es Salaam late last night. We are now in Amsterdam awaiting our flight to Chicago. It is 8:10 am here, 1:10 am in Chicago. See you all soon!

SDS Visit Tanzania: Heading home…

Our trip to Buyuni was successful. We took many pictures. There were workmen at the site working. The second story is almost complete. Sr Barbara noticed a big difference from her last visit. Many homes have also been built. Some are occupied. ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: July 4 in Tanzania!

July 4. The ordination was very festive. Mass began at 4:00, and lasted until 7:00. Seven men were ordained. Following the three hour Mass there was a reception in the courtyard for parishioners, family, Salvatorians and friends. The music, food and celebration ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: Back in Dar

A warm day here in Dar es Salaam. Still no Internet. We are preparing to go to the ordination later this afternoon. Sister Elice is here and sends greetings to everyone.

SDS Visit Tanzania: Bus Trip to Dar

Wednesday, July 2. Up early to catch the bus to Dar es Salaam. There will be 6 of us, the 3 sisters from the Congo, Sr. Dorothea who is a student in Morogoro and us. Our last class included a closing ceremony. Sr ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: Finishing up in Masasi

(via Text from Sue to S. Patrice) Our walk to the market was interesting, through a part of Masasi we hadn't seen. There's a lot of construction and people everywhere! At the book shop, we found a book of short stories that will ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: Monday in Tanzania

(via Text to S. Patrice) It's Monday morning here. We did some hand washing of clothes and now we are getting ready for classes. Our conversations are becoming more complex. The sisters asked many questions about the USA province. they asked about ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: Note from Sunday

(posted by S. Patrice Colletti, SDS via text messages from Sue!) It's Sunday morning and we walked a mile to church. Mass was over two hours long, and it was marvelous! There was a baptism. The music was beautiful! Fr. Mukasa, SDS, presided. After ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: Masasi: Uh,oh… no internet!

(Posted by S. Patrice Colletti, SDS) Have you been wondering why there have been no recent postings from Sue and Sister Barbara? Today, we finally connected, not via the internet (which is not currently working at all at our house in Masasi), ...Read more

Sister Jenada shares about SDS missions

Sister Jenada Fanetti, SDS is originally from Bloomer, Wis., where she spent her childhood on a family dairy farm. After becoming a member of the Sisters of the Divine Savior, she spent most of her religious life teaching in Catholic ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: In Masasi

We arrived in beautiful Masasi on Saturday afternoon after a 10 hour bus ride from Dar es Salaam. Through lack of communication, we arrived a day earlier than expected, so they felt unprepared to welcome us. However they greeted us ...Read more

SDS Visit Tanzania: We have arrived

After traveling for 31 hours we received a warm welcome from the Salvatorian sisters, S Mechy and S. Liberata. We do have mosquito nets as you can see. All is well in TZ. Did you see the full moon tonight?

Trafficking survivor rebuilds her life

Celebrating the Christmas season and our 125th year as a worldwide religious congregation might seem out of sync with the subject of human trafficking. In one sense, it’s as chilling as the stable where Mary gave birth to Jesus centuries ago. ...Read more

Philippines Relief

The area hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan is the city of Tacloban, just northeast of Cebu City. Our Salvatorian School office in Cebu was damaged, but the school itself is intact and  now serves as a shelter. Our Filipino Sisters ...Read more