Salvatorian Sentiments

Reflections on a book discussion: Sr. Letty and Sr. Georgene

Our Salvatorian Sisters in Phoenix, Ariz. hosted a series of discussions about Bryan Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy for 2019 National Catholic Sisters Week. Stevenson is co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Ala., a non-profit organization advocating for equal ...Read more

A Reflection on a Discussion Circle About Race

"I remember the exact moment in my childhood when I realized I was Native," reflected one of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribal members who gathered in our convent living room for our Discussion Circle about a book titled, Waking up White. ...Read more

Birthday memories: Sr. Clarice

A memorable birthday for me was my big 90 last year in 2018! As I came into our dining room at SSR, I was greeted with a loud "surprise!" And that it ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sr. Mary Jo

My 50th (over the hill) birthday party was one to remember. Sisters Carol Jean Zais, Patrice Colletti and I lived at Sauk Rapids, Minnesota with the Little Falls Franciscan Sisters. Our inter-community living was a positive and life giving experience. Read more

Birthday Memories: Sr. Sheila

I am not sure that this will qualify as my favorite birthday memory, but it is still very vivid for me and is the only one that comes to mind. At the time ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sister Rita

On March 17th, 95 years ago I, Sr. Rita, was born to Adam and Mary Faust in a country farm house in Elkhart Lake, Wis. One of my most memorable birthdays was spent at St. Mark's School in Rothschild, Wis. ...Read more

National Catholic Sisters Week Book Discussion

I was happy to lead a conversation on the book Waking up White by author Debby Irving with a group of interested women and men. The book discussion was an activity initiated by the Sisters of the Divine Savior to ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sr. Grace Mary

I do not have any Birthday pictures. My family (parents) were not big into picture taking, and we didn't live near doting relatives! However, we did celebrate our birthdays. As far as ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sr. Rita

On my sixth or seventh birthday, my mother and I invited several girls. During the party, Mary, two years older than most of us, announced, "There is no Santa." I was disheartened, saying loudly, “That is not true." I think ...Read more

The DSHA Vocare Experience: Part II

Find Part I of this blog post here. “I was privileged to take part in a prayer service for Divine Savior Holy Angels High School seniors returning from VOCARE. Here, I share students’ reflections on their two-week immersion in community ...Read more

The DSHA Vocare Experience: Part I

“I was privileged to take part in a prayer service for Divine Savior Holy Angels High School seniors returning from VOCARE. Here, I share students’ reflections on their two-week immersion in community service. For me, their words affirm the vitality ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sister Dora

As a schoolgirl caught in the crossfire of advancing troops, it seemed I was in the epicenter of World War II. British, German, US and/or Russian troops all converged, at one time or another, on my little Bavarian village. Birthday? Spent ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sister Margaret

One birthday I remember very well is my 80th in 2008. Several of us living at SSR turned 80 that year. In order to celebrate as a group, Sr. Jane Barman, coordinator at St. Mary's Convent in St. Nazianz, Wis., invited ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sister Virginia

Sr. Virginia

Birthdays at our house when I was growing up were happy occasions. We had a birthday cake with a candle in it at dessert time and the family sang Happy Birthday. There ...Read more

Birthday Memories: Sister Pauline

One of my most memorable birthdays was January 2, 1989 when I turned 50! My family surprised me at our annual Feiner family Christmas. We always gathered to celebrate Christmas, but that year my family surprised me with a wonderful ...Read more

Folk Artist: Christmas Traditions

Some of the Christmases in the convent have been unlike any of those I had with my family at home. The first thing we learned in our “convent Christmas” was that the pre-Christmas weeks were called Advent. The chapel smelled ...Read more

Meet Sister Edesia Ngilangwa, SDS

My name is Edesia Ngilangwa, SDS. I come from Njo Tombe Village in Tanzania. In my family there are eight people. I have three brothers and I have three sisters. All my family are alive. My father and my mother ...Read more

Meet Sister Liberata Kihaka, SDS

My name is Sister Liberata Kihaka, SDS. I was born in 1981 at the hospital Kifanya Njombe Region, Tanzania. We have seven in my family. I have three brothers and two sisters ...Read more


Divine Savior Holy Angels grad Sam Windsor is a junior at University of Dayton. She recently came back to high school to speak to the Class of 2018 for their VOCARE send-off. Sam’s challenge to the students: consider that God

...Read more

Meet Sister Sara Clevery Mkapa, SDS

My name is Sister Sara Clevery Mkapa, SDS. I was born in 1995 in the Masasi Region at Lupaso hospital in Tanzania. I am the middle born in a family of five. ...Read more

Meet Candidate Josephine Andrew

Hello! My name is Josephine Andrew. I was born on 15 April in 2000 in the hospital at Mbeya. We have eight children in my family. I have two brothers and six ...Read more

Folk Artist: Poverty

It’s good to revisit one of the vows I made many years past… and still practice today. I am reflecting on how my vow of poverty affects me. It means “to live simply so others can simply live.” I am ...Read more

Folk Artist: Caring for elders

After I entered our religious community, there were many more young Sisters than we have now. Today I am still considered a “young Sister” although I celebrated my 50-year Jubilee. You do the math and smile with me! But we ...Read more

Sr. Carol, 1959 Sportswoman of the Year

Title IX wasn’t even a thing when Salvatorian Sister Carol Thresher received the 1959 “Sportswoman of the Year” Award at Milwaukee’s Divine Savior High School. Now, 45 years after the educational amendment opened up sports opportunities for women and girls, ...Read more

Salvatorian Life in the United States

In late May, Salvatorian General Superior Sister Edith Bramberger came to the U.S. from Rome along with Sister Marion Etzel, who also serves on the international leadership team, or Generalate.  In this blog post, they reflect on their experiences with ...Read more

Sr. Jane: What is a mystic?  A contemplative?

Sometimes we imagine an emaciated, sad looking, celibate, balding monk, or a crotchety, pale, nun who lives behind a wall and does nothing but pray.  They’re both out of touch with reality and what’s going on the world and really ...Read more

Ending Human Trafficking: It begins with awareness.

“Hidden in plain sight” is often the phrase used to describe the crime of human trafficking. Everyday people, coming and going, need to have eyes and ears tuned in to potential human trafficking situations. These stories from our May 2017 ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home March, 2017

Dear everyone, I thought in this letter I would add anything new or in development right now in our lives. You might have wondered what we were doing chasing chickens on a Tuesday morning, which you saw on our Facebook page. Well, ...Read more

Sr. Liza: Life in Chisguachín

Dear everyone, We continue to travel around San Sebastian to get to know the people, customs and especially the needs. The needs are many and very steep, even for just the basics such as food enough to feed a family. Once ...Read more

Vocare Reflections Part 3

At Milwaukee’s Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA), VOCARE is a Salvatorian Service Program that immerses the entire senior class for two weeks of service in the local community. Service sites include central city schools, elder-care agencies, and organizations ...Read more

2017 Vocare Reflections, Part 2

All members of the Divine Savior Holy Angels senior class take part in a two-week initiative serving people with a variety of needs in all corners of the local community. They are sent off and welcomed home by the entire ...Read more

2017 Vocare Reflections

This week we share how our sponsored high school, Divine Savior Holy Angels (DSHA) instills the Salvatorian Mission. All members of the senior class take part in a two-week initiative serving people with a variety of needs in all corners ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home

During our days going from one Posada to another, we were able to have a treat at the Catholic Church in San Sebastian. We watched the youth do a play of the Nativity. They really put themselves into it. Joseph ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home

This morning around 5:30 we were awoken by a strong tremor of 5.4 magnitude. Earthquakes are usually only declared when it is a 6.0 and above. We are all OK, no damage or injuries reported in the country. The epicenter ...Read more

Folk Artist: Do Catholic Sisters Make a Difference?

When I chose religious life I wanted my life to make a difference in the world! I brought my gifts to this adventure: intelligence, creativity, a Catholic heritage, the ability to get along with people and a love for the ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home from Guatemala

We share Sister Liza Segleau’s latest update since arriving in Guatemala. Please continue to keep all our Salvatorian Family members in your prayers as their mission initiative in Guatemala continues to unfold. I'm keeping busy traveling around the hill sides with ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home

We share Sister Liza Segleau’s first letter home since arriving in Guatemala. Please continue to keep all our Salvatorian Family members in your prayers as they begin our Inter-American Collaborative Initiative in Guatemala. Dear Sisters and family, Sorry I have not written ...Read more

Sr. Liza: A Letter Home

Sister Liza Segleau, SDS shares about her experiences in Colombia, as she prepares to begin our Guatemala Initiative along with three of our Sisters from South America. They will depart for Guatemala on September 5, 2016. Here, she describes their

...Read more

Jenada’s Jewels: Tanzania Reflection

Earlier this summer, Sister Jenada Fanetti, SDS, taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to Salvatorian Sisters in Tanzania, East Africa, along with Lay Salvatorian Sue Haertel.  Recently, Sr. Jenada shared about her experience with members of her home parish

...Read more

Folk Artist: A “Living Rule”

Years ago our Sisters lived in a large convent in St. Nazianz, WI. The 23 Sisters had a beautiful chapel and in the morning a Salvatorian Brother came to “serve Mass.” One of the Brothers named Brother Florentine, had a ...Read more

Folk Artist: Caring for a Cat

Years ago I found a holy card with a saint and her cat! I was intrigued that an animal had been a close companion and was shown with Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century German saint. I have taken temporary care ...Read more

Sr. Evelyn’s Bolivia Medical Mission Trip

Greetings, I’ve been asked to briefly share with you about the Medical mission of Sucre, Bolivia that I was blessed to be invited to be a part of. And thanks to a generous person of the medical team it became a ...Read more

Folk Artist: Yearly Retreat for Sisters

Retreats for Sisters happen annually and are of many varieties. Retreats are 6 to 8 days in length. When a member is introduced to “retreat”, she often starts with a “guided retreat.” The week provides a schedule for each day and ...Read more

Folk Artist: Change Agents in the Church

When Vatican II promoted change in the Catholic Church the changes seemed to be external. Language used during Mass no longer was Latin but the “mother tongue” of the people; the main altar looked more like a table where the ...Read more

Sr. Liz: Praying for our enemies

God is love. Peace! Do good to those who hate you. War is not the answer. Love, not hate. We have all heard the sayings of Jesus and the slogans. But do we actually believe them? When was the last time we prayed for our ...Read more

Journey and Homecoming: Metaphors for Life

“Journey” seems an apt metaphor for my life.  All of my life has been a journey, an immersion experience in many cultures. Recent years have found me teaching English in Tanzania, talking about our worldwide Salvatorian missions at parishes in such ...Read more

Folk Artist: The Crosses we carry

As the Lenten season comes in the Church calendar, one of its distinguishing symbols is the Cross. This is seen especially in the four “holy days” at the end of Lent: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. ...Read more