Birthday Memories: Sr. Rita

Sr. Rita enjoying her birthday cake last year.

On my sixth or seventh birthday, my mother and I invited several girls. During the party, Mary, two years older than most of us, announced, “There is no Santa.” I was disheartened, saying loudly, “That is not true.” I think most of us felt that way. Celebrating my birthday a few weeks after Christmas, I was continuing to enjoy Santa’s surprises. My mother started a new game and promised to talk later with me about the disappointment.

Sister Rita Vogelsang

3 Responses to Birthday Memories: Sr. Rita

  • S. Grace Mary Croft says:

    Happy Birthday Rita. I’m sure there is a Santa Claus. Have a great day. Thanks for all of your compassionate service.

  • Jean Schafer says:

    Rita, I got the same bad news when I too was 6 or 7…on the school bus from MGC parish on my way home for Christmas vacation. I could not believe it either.
    Hope you are not snowed in too much longer.

  • S. Liz Christensen says:

    I recall sitting on my mother’s lap and her asking me, “do you believe in Santa Clause?” I responded, “Well, I do if you do.”

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