Birthday Memories: Sr. Liz

I had never had a surprise party of any kind until my 60th birthday. On that day, Sr. Jane Eschweiler (with whom I was living at the time) and I decided to have a picnic supper at a nearby community park. After we ate, Sr. Jane said we would go to a frozen custard place called Roberts for dessert. As we pulled in the parking lot I noticed a couple of other Salvatorians parked nearby, and then more Sisters and then a good friend, Jan Garthee, whose car was decorated with Happy Birthday balloons and signs. There were perhaps 25 Salvatorians who had gathered to help me celebrate this special birthday (and indulge in some frozen custard). It was a GREAT surprise that I have not forgotten.

2 Responses to Birthday Memories: Sr. Liz

  • Anne Evans says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you Liz! Oh how I wish you could make hot fudge for ice cream for your birthday….and I would eat it. Love you so much! My godmother, aunt, and birthday gal. So much love coming your way.

  • Shirisha says:

    Many blessings to you dear Sister.

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