Is God Calling You?

If you are considering dedicating your life to God’s service as a Sister of the Divine Savior, first consider your reasons. Do you feel as if God keeps putting little signs out there, nudging you to keep thinking about this? Are you looking for answers and hoping you can find some here? What is drawing you here? Becoming a sister is a lifetime commitment. It’s a choice that requires thought and reflection – and one that can be the most fulfilling of your life. The following are some simple questions to help guide you as you ponder your vocation:

  • Do I want to serve God and others?
  • Would I like to live and pray with a group of women dedicated to God?
  • Has anyone ever said, “You’d be a great sister?”
  • When do I really feel alive?
  • Do I want more than a career?
  • How can I best use the gifts God has given me?
  • Am I physically and emotionally healthy?

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to see what it takes to become a Sister of the Divine Savior, click here to learn more.

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