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  • We Must Open Our Hearts We Must Open Our Heartsby Sister Darlene Pienschke, SDS Over 70 million people around the world are forced to become immigrants today due to poverty, the effects of global warming which destroyed their country’s economics, and violence. Recently, I read about Pope Francis’ deep concern for these millions of migrants. Last¬†Fall, moved with deep sensitivity to their plight, Pope Francis unveiled a life-sized sculpture of Migrants and Refugees in St. Peter’s ... Read more

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Pray with us on July 30,
World Day Against Human Trafficking

Rescuing God,

So many times You have opened prison doors for us and removed the chains that bind us – freeing us to be all we can be. Yet, so often, we choose bondages of all sorts and even hold each other captive!

We come to You now to claim Your grace of freedom and to do all we can to rescue our brothers and sisters.

May those who enslave others have a change of heart! Give us the courage and creativity to stop the trafficking of all persons, that they too may live the fullness of life You intend for each one of us!

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus,
the one Who saves us. Amen

By Sr. Sheila Novak, SDS