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Salvatorian Sentiments

  • Birthday Memories: Sister Barbara

    Sister Barbara Reynolds

    Birthday Memories: Sister BarbaraI was in Horrem, Germany on my birthday last October.  I was there to improve my German, and I thought one way to practice German would be to tell stories.  So this is the story I told the Sisters in Horrem on my birthday.  Of course, I told it to them in German, but here’s the English translation of my birthday story: My birthday (October 11) ... Read more

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Prayer for Peace and Unity

You have called us to be one,
To live in unity and harmony,
and yet we are divided:
race from race, faith from faith,
rich from poor, old from young,
neighbour from neighbour…
O Lord, by whose cross all enmity is brought to an end, break down the walls that separate us, tear down the fences of indifference and hatred; forgive us the sins that divide us, free us from pride and self-seeking, overcome our prejudices and fears,
give us courage to open ourselves to others,
by the power of the Holy Spirit make us one.


Opening worship of the 6th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (Vancouver 1983)