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A Summer Prayer

If I don’t believe in summer, Lord,
how will I believe in you or in heaven
where summer’s joy surely never ends,
where summer’s timeless stillness
calms with peace all other season’s grief?

I offer you these months,
my heart’s July and August days:
come summer with me, Lord;
summer deep down in my soul;
restore my faith in summer’s time,
in rest, in joy, in play, in you…

Summer in my heart, Lord,
and dwell there as if time would never end,
as if all time were child’s time,
eternal time when school is always out and joy is ever in…

And let others summer in my shade, Lord,
and share whatever summer’s peace is mine to give,
whatever summer’s light is mine to shed…

Good God of every season,
of Monday mornings and every day this week,
come summer with me, Lord,
summer deep down in my soul…


Author unknown