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Salvatorian Sentiments

  • Meet Sister Anuarite Ngendaqimana Salamba, SDS


    Hello! Jambo! My name is Sister Anuarite Ngendaqimana Salamba. I was born in 1983. My nationality is Tanzanian. In my family we have ten children. I have five sisters and five brothers. My father’s name is Peter Salamba Mujuka. He is a specialist in agriculture and my mother’s name is Elizabeth G’ohaneda Kulwa. She takes care of my family. So I’m very grateful to be in the ... Read more

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Prayer for Mothers Everywhere

In Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe…
We give thanks for mothers everywhere.
When times are hard, in situations of suffering…
We give thanks for the sacrifices they make each day for their children.
For their examples of love, caring, and hope…
We give thanks for their generosity, their compassion and their hope for the future.
In the Congo, Iraq, Uganda, Palestine, Colombia…
We remember mothers in our global community who care for their children as guns of war are heard.
In Zimbabwe, India, Guyana, Belize, Botswana…
We remember mothers as sicknesses such as AIDS and malaria ravage their lands.
In Haiti, Burundi, Eritrea, Cambodia, Guatemala…
We remember mothers whose access to food and water is scarce.
In Sudan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Afghanistan…
We remember mothers who bundled up their children, fled their homes, and became refugees.
Mary, Mother of God, embrace all mothers, give them strength and courage and mother their spirits so they can continue to heal the wounds of their children and of the world. We give thanks for mothers everywhere.


By: Education for Justice