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Salvatorian Sentiments

  • COVID-19 Protocols by Sister Darlene Pienschke, SDS I recently went to Casa Alitas to pick up the COVID-19 protocols. The director is also putting together a training video on how to serve migrants and take proper precautions. Although the border has been sealed, asylum seekers are coming to Casa Alitas from detention centers where they have likely been exposed to or possibly carry the virus. Therefore, we treat everyone as ... Read more

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Ascension Prayer

O Lord,

Your Ascension into heaven

holds an important teaching as it

marks the consummation of the Paschal Mystery.

Help us to live life as an earthly reality

and develop our human potential to the fullest.

Help us to use the lessons of science

to improve quality of life on this planet.

But even in our best moments,

remind us that there is more

than our life here on earth.

As Christians, we believe the transcending Reality

is Your loving Father

Who awaits us with You and the Holy Spirit.

Remaining faithful to you,

Where You have gone, we will find eternal life.


adapted from New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book